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  • "Works wonders"
  • "Dr. Ping Yang is THE BEST!‎‎"
  • I am so impressed with Dr. Ping Yang. I live in TX and started acupucture here in December. I had 4 treaments for chronic low back pain, then left to spend 3 wks with my daughter in AZ. My Texas doctor advised that I should not stop the treatments, that I should find someone in AZ to continue them. I found Ping via the Internet. I got more relief from her after one treatment than I did from four in Texas. After 3 more sessions with Ping my pain was virtually gone. My daughter will soon move back to TX but if I have any problems in the future I will fly back to Tempe in a heartbeat to be treated by Ping again. Thankfully, I work for an airline so getting there is not a problem for me. I would fly in, rent a car, go to my appointment, then fly back home the same day. I would do it as often as necessary to complete the treatment. Yes, she is THAT good. Acupuncture works. I am happy that it is becoming mainstream, as evidenced by the fact that it is now covered

  • "Dr. Yang - A Healer with Compassion‎‎"
  • An MRI revealed that I had a torn meniscus in my right knee. I tried several weeks of physical therapy with only some relief. The next option was surgery. I decided to try acupuncture before committing to surgery. After only 5 sessions, my knee is pain free. And although, the needle treatment is a little uncomfortable at times, I am so happy to not have to have surgery. Dr. Yang is so understanding and takes time to understand and treat your problem. I highly recommend her for her experience, training, and compassion.

  • "Dr. Yang is highly skilled‎‎‎‎"
  • If you are experiencing chronic pain, a visit to Dr. Ping Yang is a no brainer. She is at the height of her craft and acupuncture is clearly a far better option than surgery. Moreover, medication is short term but her refined techniques of heat, cupping and acupuncture are time tested and offer long term relief. Just tell her where the pain is and she will make it go away. Her understanding of the human body is nothing short of amazing. Thanks Dr. Yang.‎

  • "Vertigo‎‎"
  • Ping Pang is such a gentle practitioner. She helped me with several issues involving vertigo, sinuses, and neck pain. I went to see her after having issues with vertigo because western medicine had no solution for my problem. I left Ping's office with no vertigo issues, clear sinuses, and a neck that has felt like new ever since. I would STRONGLY recommend patients with vertigo, any body pains or sinus issues go see her for treatment. I have been so impressed with the results and so happy that I tried acupuncture.‎

  • "Great Clinician with the Kindest Bedside Manner‎‎"
  • After 3 months of 3x/week chiropractic care and Motrin with little relief of my chronic neck and shoulder pain, I decided to try acupuncture. A friend referred me to Dr. Ping. My massage therapist immediately noted the difference in my shoulder muscles and I stopped taking Motrin aftercouple of treatments. Because my shoulder pain had been a chronic problem it took several months of weekly visits to feel 95-100% relief. Recently, I had a flare-up of my shoulder pain. I sought Dr. Ping's help and after one treatment I experience 95% relief. Dr. Ping is an excellent clinician and has the kindest bedside manner.‎

  • "Great Relief"
  • Faced with hand surgery for carpal tunnel, the magic needles gave me enough relief from the numbness of this problem to go on without it. I could not make a fist and now I can. Awesome. Also my feet are no longer cold and don't go numb when running on a treadmill for extended periods of time. This is a very viable option, try it, it helps.

  • "Dr. Ping is absolutely wonderful!"
  • I went to Dr. Ping for chronic migraines and severe allergies that I suffered with for 18 years. In just two treatments I got tremendous relief for both and no longer have to take medication for my symptoms. Dr. Ping is very professional. She takes the time to ask very specific questions and truly cares about her patients. I would highly recommend her!!‎

  • "Great!!"
  • I have gotten tremendous relief from bone spur pain and back pain with Dr. Pings treatments. While western medicine therapies helped, she successfully treated the pain so I could return to work. I would highly recommend her.

    Don E, Tempe AZ

    Dr. Ping is wonderful! She knows exactly what she needs to do to treat your symptoms and truly listens to you. I have been dealing with vertigo issues for almost four years and finally found her. Within two treatments, it goes away for a longer time that I have ever experienced. She has also treated my hip problem, tailbone tenderness, back problems, & sinuses. Acupuncture helps your body function better and Dr. Ping is a true professional.‎

  • "Excellent doctor‎‎‎"
  • Dr. Ping is wonderful and very professional. It only took three sessions for her to treat my chronic neck pain. Now I can play golf again without taking all the medication to stop the pain. I can't say enough about her, I just wish I found before I had the surgery.‎

  • "Highest Recommendation for Dr. Ping Yang‎‎"
  • I've been having pain in my shoulder now for around five years. Recently over the last year or so it had become extremely worse. I went to see our western doctors and I've had many different types of tests and everything showed healthy, but no one could explain the pain. I was given the option of drugs or living with it. I chose neither.

    I found Dr. Ping Yang online and did my researched. I wasn't a skeptic but I wasn't a believer either. I just wanted to give myself the best chance of success of it working. So if it didn't work, then I knew I had gone to the best and I wouldn't feel bad about whether I should see someone else. Dr. Ping Yang is extremely skilled and has a very gentle touch. While some people may have a fear of needles, to me they hurt less than getting an allergy shot. You can feel your muscles jump a bit and some mild soreness as the needles work on your system, but this is to your benefit. If you remain relaxed the methodology should work. The point is that it really isn't painful but you may experience some discomfort.

    I've went through several sessions, but I felt immediate relief from the constant ache present 24 hours a day. Each session I've had a little bit less pain relief and we're expecting this next one to be my last at least for the time being should the pain ever return. For those who wonder if they should give this a try I'll ask you one question. If you have a fear of needles but are living with constant pain, why not give this a try. You don't have anything to lose other than potentially your pain. I'm not saying it would work for everyone, but it certainly has for me and will return again if I have any other types of issues which may be addressed through this therapy.

  • "Dr. Ping Yang Cured me‎‎‎‎"
  • Suffered from skin rash, peeling eczema. After two treatments the rash was completely gone. Highly reccomend her. She is very skilled.