Patients we have helped
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  • "Acupuncture is a fabulous method for healing"
  • "Dr. Yang is a Master Acupuncturist!‎‎"
  • I went to see Dr. Yang for numbness in my face and a severe migraine. The first thing she did was rid me of my migraine, then worked on the numbness. It only took one visit to eliminate the migraine and a few more to decrease the numbness. I was very worried about the numbness and she put me at ease. I have had acupuncture before, but the experience wasn't the same. Dr. Yang really is a master. She has 30 years experience, is very caring, and is worth every penny.‎

  • "Dr. Ping Yang Knows Tennis Elbow‎‎"
  • Ten years ago, I saw Dr Yang for tennis elbow in my right elbow. It was so bad I couldn't hold my toothbrush. 6 visits and she fixed it! I've had ten years pain free since her treatment. Three weeks ago, I went back to her for tennis elbow in my left elbow. I couldn't pick up a phone book with my left hand. 6 visits and I'm back on the golf course. She is a wonderful, caring professional and I would recommend her for just about anything that you suffer pain from.‎

  • "10 years and I finally feel better!‎‎"
  • I've had 10 years of colitis with varying degrees of diarrhea and pain. Fed up with the failure of traditional medicine I tried acupuncture and chose Dr Ping Yang because of her experience and board certification. After only 4 sessions, I am completely pain free and without diarrhea. I cant tell you how unbelievable this is! After years of OTC products, and finally prescription Ascol (after a colonoscopy a GI doctor diagnosed lymphocytic colitis and prescribed Ascol, an anti inflammatory) I feel great. Dr Ping is professional and thorough; if you have any doubts about acupuncture go see her - she is the best at what she does.‎

  • "Thank you Dr.Ping Yang‎‎"
  • I am a person who has had a severe case of the shingles. I have tried several remedies, but none gave me much relief from the pain I was suffering. Then I tried acupuncture from Dr. Ping Yang and got great relief. I want to thank her for her service and her skills. Thank you Dr. Ping Yang‎

  • "One treatment changed my life"
  • All I have to say is if you are exhausted from having pain and you truly want help, Dr. Yang is the one to see. I was scared to death to see someone who does acupuncture, but I have been seeing different doctors for over 2 years for the pain I had in my neck. I finally decided to try acupuncture because nothing else worked. I only wish I would have tried it 2 years ago because I am a different person after only 3 treatments. In fact, one treatment changed my life. I would have saved a lot of time, money, and pain if only I had of tried acupuncture in the first place. Dr. Yang is very skilled at what she does and she is very kind. Acupuncture is not scary at all once you try it. I guess it was just the fear of the unknown that kept me from trying it a long time ago.‎

    Michelle, AZ
  • "Migrane"
  • I had been suffering from migrane once a month for the last 12 years. I tried many prescriptions and treatments, without results. I started the acupuncture treatment with Dr. Ping Yang. After just a few sessions the migrane did not occur as often as before, and much lighter. Since the pain was not completely gone, Dr. Ping Yang decided to direct the treatment for achievement of hormonal balance, in order to address the causes associated with pre-menopause. This proved to be effective. Within the last three months I have not felt any pain and my quality of life is now much better. I wish I had considered acupuncture earlier. And I much prefer to feel occasional stings during the sessions than the intense migrane pain that I felt every month. Now I even feel more relaxed to the point of taking a nap during the sessions. I am grateful to Dr. Ping Yang, and I would definitely recommend her. She is an excellent professional, caring and sensitive to your needs.‎

  • "Sciatica"
  • I had been experiencing muscle pain in my right buttocks for quite some time. I went to a massage therapist for a number of treatments and although they made me feel better for a time, the pain never fully went away. The masseuse suggested I try Dr.Ping Yang. I had never seriously considered acupuncture as a treatment, but decided to give it a try. After four sessions my pain is gone and I have been able to return to my regular physical activities. I certainly recommend trying acpuncture before other more invasive proceedures and was very pleased with Dr. Ping Yang.‎


    I have been a patient with Dr. Ping Yang for over 13 years and strongly recommend her for any and all of your discomforts and pain. She is highly skilled and has healed my numerous ailments from shoulder, neck and back pain to heartburn. She is very kind and considerate and actively listens to you. I have recommended Dr. Yang to many of my friends and colleagues and they have been very pleased with their healthful results. If you're like me and prefer to not take pain medication, please consider trying Dr. Yang and acupuncture to help you heal.

  • "Wonderful Relief, Dr. Yang is GREAT!‎‎"
  • I have been dealing/suffering with a Hiatal Hernia for almost twenty years. Recently my symptoms (heartburn, stomach pain, dizziness, chest pains) increased from about once every three months to almost everyday. After doing internet research on Acupuncture for a Hiatal Hernia and a strong recommendation from a friend I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Yang. After 5 sessions I am feeling remarkably better! In fact in some ways I have never felt this good! I would highly recommend Dr. Yang to help you with any condition you may have